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Google Business Profile improves your local search visibility

Google Business Profile Setup & Management

The Google Business Profile platform acts as a powerful tool that enables businesses to streamline their information across all Google products. This can be a valuable resource for customers to get key information about your business including; driving directions, clickable phone numbers and business opening hours.
Google Business Profile Herefordshire

Why should you care?

Users don’t simply look things up on the internet, they Google it. Billions of searches are made every single day on Google, so you want to make sure you can be found.

Do you have a physical shop or branches? Ninety-seven percent of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017, with 12 percent of those looking for a local business online every day. This gives your business enormous potential to be seen if you’re in the right spot.

Think about how often you use Google, and how annoying it can be when the information you’re looking for isn’t there. People could potentially be having the same experience when looking for your brand or business.

Are you a local business? You must get listed.

It’s important for SEO
Giving as much information about your company and linking your social profiles and websites to Google Business Profile will help you rank higher in search results. This, in turn, will make it easier for potential customers to find you.

It’s a win-win.

It gives you a competitive edge
Your competitors could already be taking advantage, making it easier for them to rank higher than your business in search results. This means it may be easier for customers to choose your competitor as well.

It can boost engagement
Remember how many searches Google processes per day? Each one of those is a chance for your business or brand to connect and engage with your audience.

Google encourages users to review businesses, leave comments, and ask questions – all places where you can engage with your audience and build a relationship with them.

How can we help?
In order to optimise a listing it’s important that it is set up and managed in the correct way.

Google Business Profile is designed to consolidate the information that will appear about your business across Google’s services into one platform.

  • Google Business listing is free
  • Create and manage your Google Business Page
  • Help to promote your business through your online content
  • Using the tools being deployed we can help to drive organic discovery of businesses across Google Maps and Google Search
  • Engage with your audience using customer reviews
  • Add images, video and more
  • All this can then be reported through Google Insights which contains information such as view count, click through rate and community engagement