Training Terms and Conditions

The Amazon, Google Analytics and Google Adwords courses are carried out by a third party (Online Seller UK) who we outsource training to. Please visit their website for their company terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Cancellations and amendments to event bookings
We only cancel / postpone events due to less number of bookings or any other unforeseen circumstances. We will contact you 7 working days before the event in most cases and in other situation we will notify you 48 hours prior the event. If you are not available on alternative dates, we process a full refund for you. Please note we not liable to any loss due to cancellation or postponement of the training.

Venues re-location
We may change the venue without prior notice. This is due to unavailability of existing venue and when we change we will keep it within short distance from the original venue.

Paid events – Refunds
A full refund will be given for cancellations received any time up to 7 working days prior to the event. If you cancel any places after this date you will be charged the full amount and a refund will not be given. However, you may choose to instead send a replacement delegate.

Payment processing
All payments are processed through secure Eventbrite ticketing system and you will automatically receive booking confirmation after payment.

Free events
We appreciate if you inform us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel any places at our free events. You can also cancel your booking from your Eventbrite account. We reserve the right to restrict bookings from companies who have a record of persistent no-shows.

We may take photos of attendees at our events which could be used for marketing purposes. If you do not wish for any photos that you feature in to be used in this capacity please do let us know on.

We may use your testimonials, brand logo for marketing purposes. Please do let us know if you are not comfortable with this.

No shows
If, for whatsoever reason, you or your delegates do not turn up for the event (a “no show”) this shall be considered a cancellation. You will be charged the full amount for your place and a refund will not be given.