SSL Certificates

Increase User Trust

SSL Certificates: Increase User Trust

SSL and website security is now a recommendation for websites and your online marketing. Google has put in motion the beginning of penalising websites that do not utilise SSL security. In short, Google is requiring websites to utilise SSL security technology that makes the website secure by displaying a padlock in the www. address area (URL bar) and inserting a ‘s’ into ‘https’.

SSL Certificates

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If you visit a website without a SSL certificate the communication between your website and a visitor is not encrypted. This means that your connection to that website can potentially be eaves-dropped on and modified, meaning any passwords or confidential information sent to the site could be stolen.

While this isn’t a big issue if you have a simple information website, if you have a website that deals with passwords or confidential information, this can be a big problem. There is a solution however – you encrypt the connection between the computer and the server, making the connection secure. To do this requires what is known as a SSL certificate.

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Our website design process follows current trends, to make sure your web presence is professional and modern. This includes responsive website design so that your website looks and functions great on all types of devices. In fact, we will no longer build a website unless it is responsive. With extensive experience designing and implementing responsive designs, our team of web designers have streamlined the design and feedback process to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

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Alpha Designs can develop a full content management system for you that allows you to easily do many things yourself. You can change the text on any page, add new pages and categories, add photos and embed videos, delete pages, add hyperlinks, make updates anytime from anywhere. We use WordPress a content management system used by millions of businesses all over the world. Our experience with WordPress spans over 15 years so you can be assured that your website will be created with care and expertise, with built-in SEO – Search Engine Optimisation that will display perfectly on all devices from desktop to mobile. With a standard of service second to none, today and ongoing, all you need is here.

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More and more businesses are now looking towards more flexible, scalable and robust eCommerce website design solutions for their online stores. We use WooCommerce which is specifically designed to integrate advanced features for the management of shopping cart applications, store administration, custom discount rules and a host of other functionalities. Our eCommerce website designs are responsive which means your customers can easily purchase your products while using devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers. This in-turn increases your chance of converting visitors to customers.

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